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We work with various providers across our area utilising MiDoS to capture and display varying service capacity needs in set formats.


We build bespoke and unique question sets capturing the exact information required to identify areas of available capacity, or where there is a need to increase capacity to manage increasing workloads. Making use of an advanced reporting suite, we produce reports bespoke to your requirements which offer a visible output of the inputted data.

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The question grids have been developed to make inputting as easy as possible. MiDoS will remain open on your desktop for as long as you need it to be. Updating the capacity levels is very easy to do, whether you are doing it on a desktop or on a mobile device after downloading the MiDoS App.


There are new capacity projects starting frequently, with constant development and new users being added all of the time. The MiDoS capacity tool is an exciting element, and with a designated capacity lead within our team, we have the ability to be very responsive and intuitive to any issues you may currently have with capacity reporting. 

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The learning from these projects is easily transferable to other areas, allowing us to further develop the functionality to suit any provider or end user, regardless of their requirement.


We create unique MiDoS logins for users and set individual restrictions around what is visible and how much access is needed for each individual.


Every entry has a ‘timestamp’ which indicates when the grid was last updated. This gives the end user and Commissioners confidence to know the information is up to date and is not purely historical data.

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