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The Team


Regional Programme  Lead


I have been in the NHS for over 25 years, initially as a porter in the Oncology Centre for a short period of time followed by 15 years in the Ambulance Service.

Within the Ambulance Service, I held a variety of roles: frontline Ambulance Paramedic working as a double-manned crew as well as on my own in a response vehicle, Station Officer, Control Room Manager, CMS Manager and Emergency Care Practitioner Project Manager.

Since leaving the Ambulance Service I have worked for local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) designing, implementing and maintaining a directory of services for health and social care. Within this role I have ensured appropriate access to the database is given in easy to use systems such as MiDoS as well as producing reporting systems to inform and support local commissioning. 

As a Registered Paramedic, I remain person-focussed and actively encourage my dedicated team to ensure patient care is always at the forefront of their projects.

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Senior Programme Manager


I joined the team in 2014, initially responsible for managing both the 111 Directory of Services and MiDoS in BaNES and Wiltshire, and in 2018 I became the Team Manager to the three local DoS Leads in the areas we manage.

I have spent most of my career working within a customer service environment on the railway, and had a variety of jobs from working in the Control, to managing Birmingham New Street Station, to being an Area Manager in the South West, before trying my hand at self-employment.  

I joined the NHS in 2012 working for South West Ambulance Service firstly as a 999 call taker and supervisor, then as an Emergency Ambulance Dispatcher.  

What I bring to the job is a passion for promoting excellent customer service in all we do, delighting and exceeding our customers’ expectations whenever we can.  

I am extremely proud to manage a very dedicated and effective team who consistently deliver above and beyond whatever is expected.


Locality Manager


I joined the Southwest (North) DoS/MiDoS team in March 2017.  

It was a perfect fit for me to be part of such a proactive team that not only put the needs of our CCGs at the forefront but patients’ needs are paramount to what we do. 

I came into the role from working in South Western Ambulance Service where I worked in the operations centre for 5 years starting as a 999 call handler all the way through to Senior Dispatcher and stand in control manager. 

I have also worked as a Driving Instructor and mortgage advisor, but can safely say up to this point working in the NHS offers new and different challenges on a day to day basis which gives me the drive to deliver on anything that is asked of me. 

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Locality Manager


I joined the Team in May 2022 after a 28 year career with the MoD, 24 years as a serving soldier and 4 as a Civil Servant. I had a variety of roles during this time, mostly focussed on customer service and service provision in the logistic sector. Including being the senior logistic planner for the Broader Middle East theatre responsible for the air and surface movement of 6000 personnel. 

As a civil servant I was the operations manager providing Armoured Engineering meeting the training and operational needs of the Army. I was responsible for inventory provision and working with key stakeholders to provide engineering solutions to overcome obsolescence and improve vehicle reliability and providing line management to a multi-disciplinary team. 

I joined Gavin, Shaun and the rest of the team to embark on a new challenge and further develop my management experience in a new environment. I look forward to bringing a fresh set of eyes to the team.

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Locality Lead


I moved to Gloucester having lived and worked in London since 1996. 

Following stints in retail, hospitality, facilities management and the music industry I started working for the Gloucestershire NHS acute trust the same year I moved to the area in 2012.

I helped design a training plan to roll out a new electronic rostering system to every staff member in every department in the trust. 

I then implemented this plan over the following two years.

In 2014 I moved to the Clinical Commissioning Group's Directory of Service team as its lead for Gloucestershire.

I enjoy combining my experience of customer service with the challenge of problem solving to help clinicians and the public find their way through the maze of health and social care.


Locality Lead


I have been the DoS and MiDoS lead for BSW since August 2018. 

Having received great support from my fellow team members and peers, I have grown in to the role learning new skills along the way.

I spent 10 years working for South Western Ambulance Service (SWAST) as an emergency ambulance dispatcher and later team supervisor, standing in as Control Hub Manager when required. 

This experience has helped me understand the workings of the Health sector, although the shift from emergency work to the urgent care sector has taken some getting used to.


Locality Lead


I joined the team in May 2022 after working for 5 years in the CHC environment with the Clinical Assessment and Placement Team for Coventry and Warwickshire CCG as a Senior Data Analyst. My primary objective was to provide strategic planning, specialist analytical services and system wide performance management information to the team, the wider CCG and external partners in order to support continuous improvement in the delivery of healthcare services. 

After 5 years I felt it was time for something new and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join the regional DoS team as a Locality Lead. I am looking forward to learning the intricacies of a new service whilst helping to build on the good reputation the team already has. 

Before my time within the NHS my employment covered areas such as graphic design, technical authoring and retail management. 

Outside of work I enjoy time with my dogs, even when trying to train my working Spaniel! I also enjoy falconry and I am a member of the local archery club.

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