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Clinicians and the public access the information we provide in different ways using MiDoS. This powerful tool enables us to put only the information the end user should see or needs to see at their fingertips.

MiDoS users are never required to login. However, due to the way they are set up we can put them in reporting groups and give this information to them and our commissioners to   spot trends and gaps in service to improve the user experience and service provision in our region.

MiDoS is accessed via a URL or an app for clinical staff or an app or portal that can be embedded on any web page for the public.

MiDoS links to referral forms, webpages and other health and social care directories.

Clinicians are able to search by symptom, skill set or equipment need and MiDOS will return appropriate services. They also have access to service bypass numbers to reduce waiting times when needing to speak to fellow professionals.

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